Our Networking practices focuses on the design and implementation of Networks brining multiple physically distributed networks into uniform Data Communication Systems by incorporating appropriate hardware and software. Our Networking Solutions include:

1- IP Telephone IP telephony provides a way for you to extend consistent communications services to all your employees in their workspaces, whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol. IP telephony solutions are an integral part of Unified Communications, which unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks enabling users to easily communicate in any workspace using any media, device, or operating system. Using the network as the platform, IP telephony solutions help organizations of all sizes realize greater security, resilience, and scalability in addition to the inherent benefits of using a converged network for transport and interconnection.

2- Wireless outdoor and Wi-Fi Wireless technology enables higher degree of mobility and network access; "Stay connected anytime, anywhere". As more unique applications of wireless technology appear, enterprises are migrating towards "Always on" connectivity. Our Solutions cover - Outdoor Point to Point/Multipoint/Mesh - Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless

3- Structured Cabling solution is a fully integrated network system made up of various means of transmission capable of managing all traffic of information: voice, video, data, intelligent building control and management. At ANMAT TECH we provide the following design and installation services: - Fiber Optics - Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6e, Cat6A, Cat7 - Termination equipment design specifications. - Backbone and horizontal cabling design specifications.

4- Security remains the number one concern for global enterprises, and yet many organizations adopt a patchwork approach to network security. Firewalls, intrusion deletion products and antivirus software are effective, but they don't provide the enterprise-wide protection needed to safeguard against today's more sophisticated attacks. The entire network infrastructure must be an active participant in the security strategy. Unauthorized access, denial of service, confidentiality breaches and Data destruction, these are some of the common problems faced by organizations worldwide. As technologies advance so does threats and breaches because of which security assumes paramount importance in today's enterprise business context. It is therefore imperative for enterprises to consider and address the risks associated with technology-enabled workplace. Our Security Solutions & Services includes: - Data Security - Physical Security.

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