IP Telephony


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)’s tremendous advantages over traditional analog voice technology have made it one of today’s most popular communications solutions and a fundamental component of Anmat’s Unified Communications practice.

VoIP’s Internet-speed transmissions and inherently lower cost give it the potential to replace traditional wired phone service altogether, making it a no-brainer for Mid-Market customers, Contact Centers, and enterprise-sized global players alike.

Anmat’s VoIP Telephony Solution features CISCO and POLYCOM VoIP telephony products built on data infrastructure products and software. Our open architecture allows you to build your communications system around software and applications specifically designed to fully leverage the benefits of IP telephony. Anmat’s deep technical expertise and consultative approach help our VoIP solutions unify your communications devices. We help you maintain a competitive edge so you can put your competition on the endangered species list!

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