Unified Communication


Today we understand that collaboration capabilities are fundamental to every enterprise’s operations, both routine and mission-critical. Throughout the business day we collaborate around documents, projects, concepts, customer issues… and the list goes on. Anmat has a long heritage of designing and deploying the very products which have become today’s most essential collaboration infrastructure and application suites.

UC and Collaboration Solutions are portfolios of solutions which incorporate multiple enterprise communication technologies and applications, as well as their associated software, services and equipment, to produce an environment that best supports the way your users work – offices, homes, mobile locations, your customers' locations – resulting in a workforce that’s efficient anywhere and everywhere. Anmat’s UC group provides services including design, integration and management for whichever packages best suit your enterprise.

More and more, users and businesses are leaning towards software-based solutions to address collaboration issues. The immense flexibility of being able to deliver the right functionality to the right device, plus reduced deployment times – from years for custom solutions to just days – are two compelling reasons for this switch. However, software-based systems require the network infrastructure to support them. That’s why Carousel offers both the systems and the support – we understand the need to factor in all the parts of the solution to ensure that it’s architected properly from the top down.

For SMBs, we offer the IP Office voice, messaging, conferencing, IM, mobile integration and applications package which operates through a browser-based portal. For midsize businesses to large enterprises, Avaya’s Aura offers video, IM, audio, video, Web conferencing and messaging on a more robust scale. All of our UC and Collaboration Solutions leverage our consultative approach and deep technical expertise, ensuring that we architect a solution which directly addresses your business requirements. Plus, we can show you how to better use technology you may already own or supplement it with new applications to take your employees to new levels of productivity.

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