Information and Data Security


Information is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is critical to your business and gives you competitive advantage. On the other hand, managing it efficiently, sharing it with those who matter, filtering it, ensuring it is compliant and protected is a real-time challenge. With employees bringing their own devices, customers accessing it 24/7, the threats can come from anywhere and anytime. It’s never a done deal with security.

Today’s IT organizations need a dynamic approach to defending the network—one that uses awareness and automation to provide visibility and context while constantly adapting to new threats, new vulnerabilities, and everyday network changes

Our Information Security solutions mitigate emerging threats from both internal and external sources, which disrupt businesses and ensure the security of sensitive information while providing secure and timely access to those that need it.

We have a portfolio for best-of-breed solutions that range from the latest firewall technology to the most effective anti-virus software.

We design, implement and deliver the following:

  • Next Generation Firewalls Solutions
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems Solutions
  • SSL VPN Solutions.
  • Mail Security Solutions.
  • Enterprise AAA & Network Access Control Solutions.
  • End-point security (Anti-virus) Solutions.
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