WAN Optimization


A customer’s Wide-Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of their globally connected enterprise, enabling collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of their WAN is critical to everything customers do. With WAN Optimization solutions, their business runs faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent service levels and cutting the costs of their IT infrastructure.

Since their WAN is fundamental to so much of our customer’s business, WAN optimization can deliver massive improvements to a wide range of their top IT initiatives

  • Accelerate application performance up to 50X, increasing business productivity.
  • Consolidate in the branch and datacenter, and see a 6-month payback.
  • Optimize file sharing, web, email and even voice video – all at the same time.
  • Leverage cloud economics without compromise.
  • Protect data more completely, with less cost and effort.
  • Solve problems up to 83% faster

Deliver strategic value while helping your IT team cut unnecessary costs out of your operations.

  • Reduce the use of WAN bandwidth by 65-95 percent, and relieve network congestion.
  • Cut server costs and routine IT maintenance. Consolidate servers into datacenters more effectively and enable virtualization, without impacting performance.
  • Push out costly network upgrades by two years or more, according to several analyst firms. Accommodate more growth and more users without investing in additional networking infrastructure.

We design, implement and deliver the following:

  • WAN Optimization Solutions.
  • Network Visibility & Control Solutions.
  • Storage Delivery Solutions.
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