Load Balancing


Load balancing technology is the basis on which today’s Application Delivery Controllers operate which enables you to create, manage, and deliver key services more quickly, more flexibly, and at a lower cost. Also it offers much more than just load balancing. It controls and optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing, and routing application traffic.

Server Load Balancing makes it possible to share load between pools of servers serving identical content to achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload (fault tolerance).

Global load balancing allows the distribution of traffic across locations based on availability, performance, and user-defined rules to provide business continuity and improved performance across globally distributed locations.

Link load balancing allows you to maintain redundant ISP links to ensure high availability without relying solely on ISPs. The link load balancing solution, intelligently compresses traffic, reduces WAN link bandwidth, and automatically chooses the best-performing link. You reduce bandwidth bottlenecks and speed application delivery while reducing ISP costs.

We design, implement and deliver the following:

  • Server Load Balancing Solutions.
  • Global load balancing Solutions.
  • Link load balancing Solutions.
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