We can help. It’s no secret that enterprise virtualization projects can generate numerous business benefits. Reduced capital and operational costs, greater business agility and streamlined administration are just a few of the efficiencies organizations can expect to realize from cloud-based solutions.

The public cloud has served as a prime training ground for fine-tuning best practices in the virtualization landscape. While many other service providers remain “in training,” Anmat’s virtualization solutions are leading the pack in this arena, providing our customers with well-honed solutions reflecting our hard-earned expertise.

Anmat’s Virtualization solutions include Infrastructure Consolidation, Desktop Virtualization, Data Center Automation and Virtualization Acceleration Solutions developed specifically for mid-sized businesses. Anmat engineers and internal SMEs understand how the nuances of each application can best be leveraged within a private cloud environment. We ensure the architecture we design for each client becomes the common denominator in generating system-wide efficiencies. At the same time we build in Secure Virtualization Enhancements so your critical assets are protected.

As tempting as it is to launch headlong into a cloud-based solution, an investment in significant forethought is a wise first step. Leveraging a cloud environment, whether it’s internal, external or a combination of both, requires clarity on your organization’s business and technology requirements. Equally critical, your virtualization architecture should accommodate both your current goals and your anticipated growth. Carousel can help you develop this strategy and craft a careful flight plan, so your journey to the cloud will result in your cloud, your way.

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